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Cheapest Pakistan: America’s Armageddon

The American FBI, CIA, and, military engaged in joint operations spanning two years and four continents tracking Islamic terrorists who possessed four nuclear weapons taken from the nuclear arsenal of the country of Pakistan. The FBI cornered the terrorists in Virginia. Bombings in Washington were an effort by Al-Qaeda to divert attention from the search and to pave the way for a nuclear bomb to reach Washington DC. Peter Armstrong, the Governor of Virginia ordered the area evacuated while the F…

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1. Pakistan, America’s Armageddon
Mr. Roelle has written a book with extreme relevance to our time. This is a work of fiction that could all to likely become fact. After the fatigue of decade long war on two fronts and a distressed economy America has lost focus on the international threat of radical Islam. What happens if Islamic radicals get a hold of nuclear weapons and decide to strike against “The Great Satan”?
Mr. Roelle uses his experience working in the Middle East for several years to help develop an understanding of Islam and the radical perversion of the religion.

Pakistan’s corrupt government loses control of their nuclear arsenal. The CIA uncovers the fact that nukes are missing and begins a quest to find and destroy them before they reach the U.S. mainland. The Daytona 500 is a juicy target for the terrorists but then so is most of the Eastern seaboard. Where are the nukes? Where will the terrorists try to strike? How should the President (who is the leader of a party of Doves) react…


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